With Christ as the foundation of all our teaching, we will educate all to live life to the full.


Based on the teachings of Jesus we will work collaboratively as a team to encourage the total growth and care of all in its community.

Enactment of Vision and Mission

​The St Joseph’s School vision and mission is interwoven with everything we do, with every person we touch and in all that we do inside school and out. The vision is our constant goal and our mission our mode of transport. Hopefully in all that we teach, our vision, is front and square. We will plant the seed, nurture and develop our children for the common good of all. Consequently our school vision and mission is embedded in the five aspects of Catholic Schooling.

Catholic School Culture                                                               
For Catholic Culture to be meaningful and real for each student and all others we have to begin our teaching with modelling gospel values. Everyone has to be respected, loved and trusted. These values and other gospel values are evident and constantly appearing in the daily way we do business here.

Learning and Teaching.
St Joseph’s provides a safe, loving and Christian environment where children can take risks with their learning and learn from their mistakes. It is also a holistic approach and open to all learning styles and a very genuine attempt to address the individual needs of each child.     

Student Well Being.
It has always been paramount at St Joseph’s that all children entrusted to our care will be safe, happy and learn in a loving environment. Our children learn that we can make mistakes and we have to learn to forgive and ask for forgiveness when we do wrong. They also have to learn to be responsible for their behaviour, actions, obey rules and work to reach their individual potential.

Leadership and Management.
At St Joseph’s we have always believed that shared leadership and management is the most effective way of achieving our goals. This way the following is generated. Staff  believe they have some ownership in the process, they feel more valued, better respected and this model engages them more in leadership and management. The process actually builds teacher capacity and leadership in very non-threatening and meaningful way. This process reassures us that we are all there for each other and builds this strong connectedness we have as a staff family.

School Community.
In the majority of school decisions we seek consultation from all sections of our community. Children, staff and parents are all asked to participate. Families are encouraged to join in all school events, special days, fundraising events and other special events. We have a strong community who work hard for our school.