Child Safety

Ministerial Order 1359 will be embedded in the culture of St Joseph's Charlton in July 2022

Ministerial Order 1359 - new Child Safety requirements


​Standard 1:   Culturally Safe Environments

Standard 2:   Child Safety and Wellbeing is embedded in Leadership, Governance and Culture

Standard 3:   Child and Student Empowerment

Standard 4:   Family Engagement

Standard 5:   Diversity and Equity 

Standard 6:   Suitable Staff and Volunteers

Standard 7:   Complaints Process

Standard 8:   Child Safety Knowledge, Skills and Awareness

Standard 9:   Child Safety in Physical and Online Environment

Standard 10: Review Child Safety Practices

Standard 11: Implementation of Child Safety Practices

Related Policies and Procedures

The Governing Authority has ratified the following policies and procedures for Child Safety.

St Joseph's Charlton Child Safety and Wellbeing Policy 2023

CECV Statement of Commitment to Child Safety 2022

DOBCEL Child Safe Governance Policy 2022

St Joseph's Charlton Safeguarding Child and Young People Code of Conduct 2022

St Joseph's Charlton Bullying Prevention (Including Cyberbullying) Policy 2022

St Joseph's  Charlton Diversity and Equity Policy 2022

DOBCEL Student Empowerment and Participation Policy 2022

St Joseph's Charlton Engaging Families and Caregivers in Child Safety Policy 2022

St Joseph's Charlton - Complaints Handling Policy 2022

DOBCEL Identifying and Responding to Abuse (Protect) Responding Obligations Policy 2022

DOBCEL Identifying and Responding to Abuse-Reporting Obligations Procedures - 2022

DOBCEL (Protect) - Reportable Conduct Scheme Policy 2022

DOBCEL Child Safety Standards Record Keeping Policy

DOBCEL Digital Technologies Policy 2022

St Joseph's Charlton Digital Technology Agreement 2022

St Joseph's Charlton Recruitment Policy 2022

DOBCEL Staff Employment, Screening and Supervision Guidelines

DOBCEL Guidelines for Police and DFFH Interview Protocols 2022

DOBCEL VIT and WWCC Register Procedures

St Joseph's Charlton - Supervision of Students

St Joseph's Charlton -Supervision of Students - Information for Parents

CECV Guideline for the Engagement of Volunteers

SJC Position Description and Guidance for Child Safety Officers 

DOBCEL [PROTECT] Identifying and Responding to Student Sexual Offending 2023

CECV Child safety Four Critical Actions Poster

PROTECT: Identifying and Responding to all Forms of Abuse in Victorian School.

DOBCEL Child Safe Risk Management Policy 2022

DOBCEL Child Safe Risk Management Guidelines 2022


A Guide for Creating A Child Safe Organisation

CECV Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education Action Plan


For further information regarding Child Safe Policies, click here for DOBCEL information

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