Policies & Procedures

All school Policies and Procedures are available in hard copy from the office or by email.

cooking 1.jpgPolicies and Procedures

St Joseph's Duty of Care Policy Feb 2021

St Joseph's Student Care and Health Policy

St Joseph's Information for Volunteers

DOBCEL Anaphylaxis Management Policy and Procedure

DOBCEL Asthma Management Policy

DOBCEL Assessment and Reporting Policy 2021

DOBCEL Attendance Policy

St Joseph's Student Behaviour Policy 2021

St Joseph's Student Behaviour Expectations

DOBCEL Behaviour Management Policy and Procedures June 2021​

St Joseph's Communication Policy

DOBCEL Duty of Care Statement February 2021

DOBCEL Digital Technologies Policy 2022

St Joseph's Digital Technologies Agreement 2022

St Joseph's Remote Learning Responsibilities

DOBCEL School Financial Oversight Policy and Procedures

DOBCEL First Aid and Infection Control Policy Feb 2021

DOBCEL Grievance Policy​

DOBCEL - Grievance Procedures for Parents/Guardians at a DOBCEL School

DOBCEL Learning & Teaching Policy 2021

DOBCEL OHS Policy and Procedure Feb 2021

DOBCEL Privacy Policy

DOBCEL Resposible Persons Policy and Procedure

DOBCEL Risk Management Policy 2023

DOBCEL Supervision of Students Policy Feb 2021

St Joseph's Charlton - Supervision of Students-Parents Information

DOBCEL Suspension and Expulsion Policy and Procedures June 2021

CECV Guidelines for the Engagement of Volunteers

St Joseph's Parent/Care Giver Remote Learning Responsibilities

St Joseph's Charlton School Visitor Policy Procedure

St Joseph's Charlton School Volunteers Policy Procedure

School Advisory Council Terms of Reference

Emergency and Critical Incident Management Policy and Procedures DOBCEL

Risk Management Framework DOBCEL